ENDEVOR inaugurated an activity labeled “Asuru Mashwara” (meaning discussion after the Asuru Prayers) in September 2015. The objective here is to inform and dialogue on social issues of importance that keep society in harmony. Good manners, positive attitudes, and ethical moral values established from social upbringing is what makes for a balanced human being – physically and psychologically. ENDEVOR seeks to find the serenity of the mosque and those that visit it to be a good venue and audience respectively to dialogue with and from there for these thoughts to spill into the work and living context outside the mosque – in homes, at the workplace, recreational third places, and the street so that “the way of life” that Islam calls for will be demonstrated. This mosque program is an activity that is a variation of the “Under-the-Tree” discussions that ENDEVOR initiated in 2013.  Please feel free to visit “Majid Mohammed Jameel” in Maafannu and join the discussion. Sessions are held every Friday post Asuru prayer, for half an hour.