As the label suggests, ENDEVOR strives for social harmony through imparting awareness on the emerging concerns of our physical and social environment as they relate to our health and well being and to show ways to address these in our Maldives context in the first instant. If there are lessons for others to learn from, the benefit would be multiplied many fold.

Also, as a public health professional coordinating this effort, I derive much satisfaction from pursuing work to benefit society at a broader level than merely in the act of preventing and protecting ourselves from the effects of communicable diseases. As most people know, our medical field has given us the magic bullets to take care of much of these diseases – even though a significant challenge for many communities still remain the constrained access to these resources – to combat the stealthy spread of non-communicable diseases. These afflictions are also known as life-style diseases. And Maldives is not spared as it gets immersed in a globalized world. Getting to the core of solving problems of this nature (NCDs) and other social concerns requires not just the effort of the health sector alone, but a multitude of development sectors from where the causes of these emerge. 


Abdul Sattar Yoosuf is a public health professional with an interest in promoting health awareness and social responsibility in the Maldivian society. He had his professional  education at the American University of Beirut where he graduated in environmental health, which he later followed up with a Master of Public Health and a Doctorate in Public Health from the University of North Carolina, at Chapel Hill, USA. He has extensive experience in managing the health system of Maldives and later occupied senior positions at the World Health Organisation. His professional niche is health policy program management focus. He specialises in public health advocacy on public health approaches tot national health development, and health concerns related to climate change and globalisation. 


Endevor’s advisory board consists of five members who are of very respectable social standing and professionally sound grounding – those who can advise the executive on a broad agenda. Our purpose is broad because we feel that narrow NGO agendas may not be as useful to Maldives as wider ones because, in our small communities, holistic tactics would more efficient and the benefits derived more expansive.

The members:

Ahmed Mujuthaba

Aneesa Ahmed

Jadulla Jameel

Simad Saeed

Mahdi Imad