Scientific research is a weak area in Maldives. But given the move to development systematically in the globalizing world, there is a need to approach development with an objective perspective. Thus, each development sector needs to strengthen its research content so that they can create more efficient processes and outcomes. ENDEVOR hopes to contribute technical capacity to a wide variety of intellectuals and managers who may tap into this uncharted area to hone their expertise, and contribute to helping government and private sector policy to be informed by the research intelligence generated. The main focus of ENDEVOR’s work in this area will be coordinated as follows by the MRN:

Maldives Research Network (MRN): This is a network of researchers in Maldives, which attempts to lay the foundation of research as a driver of national policy. It hopes to do this by hosting a National Research Forum –NRF- annually, and promote advocacy for operational research that will drive policy.  It will also promote research capacity building and assist the Maldives National University (MNU) masters and doctoral students with preceptor advice.