The concern about our environment is a stark reality for Maldives. Our islands barely above two meters from the sea level is the talk of the global warming proponents.  Besides just sea level rise, adverse environmental events can create lasting damage from which getting out will be very difficult.  Thus our focus will be on programs to assist in finding local solutions to environmental issues in islands, awareness on the advent or encroachment of climate change that can disrupt our island environment, and the various relationships to health that our environment poses. The main focus in this area of ENDEVOR’s work is on:

Healthy Communities: Creating down to earth solutions for maintaining our individual islands as places our future generations will live is important. our coral environment may not carry the urban development possible in most countries. Our communities need to be prudent on what is best for the future rather than just for today. Awareness on the possibilities, addressing our solid waste management, promoting urban gardening and so forth will help us to adjust and be vigilant to the shocks of the future. Decentralised governance in the nation will help. 

Climate Change and Health: As ENDEVOR's prime focus is on health and wellbeing, this program will focus on creating the needed awareness, and advocacy for changing local behaviour for adjusting to the emerging realities of global change.  This will include seminars, workshops and research to learn about the technicalities of how CC happens, mitigation and adaptation.

Health and the Environment:  As globalisation sweeps the world, the cultural influences that come with it change the way we want to live - sometime without an awareness of how these new ways affect our health and wellbeing. Daily behaviours, the food we eat, the lifestyles we lead all affect our health. In addition government and private sector contributions to national development also have their downsides which people need to understand and use to advantage. Thus, awareness of the implications of our development sectors’ contribution to to improving or degrading our health and wellbeing needs to be understood for us to make life preserving changes.