Mostly on advocacy on various approaches to developing our Maldivian society to progress in a sustainable way to reap the benefits of development that the 21st century will bring or create the capacity to function efficiently in the 21st century. The main focus in this area of ENDEVOR’s work is on:

Rukkuri blog: Creating social awareness on moral values for living and for a peaceful and mindful life that is the basis of a caring and sharing society which is needed to generate the love for its fellow citizens to live in harmony.  This blog is also meant to be topics for discussion to engage readers with the current state of our national development context - socio-economic, environmental, political and spiritual.

Asuru Mashwara: As a muslim country our population needs constant infusion of the principals and values of Islam - especially focusing on the youth of the Nation. Asuru Mashwara is a program dedicated to involving our community in the discussion of practical actions that help our society to become more caring and sharing within the context of islamic advocacy. In practice, Asuru Mashwara is a gathering held every friday after Asuru prayers, at the "Masjid Mohamed Jameel Didi" mosque in Male, to discuss salient social topics of concerns to our everyday life and link this to the wisdom of the Quran and Sunnah. 

4H School: Education lays the foundation for the intellectual thrust a society needs to become civilized and developed. The 19th and 20th century paved the way to formal education in a consistent and systematic way. But this was a model born out of the Industrial Revolution, the objective of it being the promotion of the materialist culture and its value of competition. Carried too far, competition decays into selfishness to result in chaos and conflict in society. A new concept fit for the 21st century is needed to reverse this decay. The way forward is the 4H model of school where caring, and sharing is the way, and life skills are taught to augment a life that was defined by social specialization. This program will attempt to establish this by ENDEVOR's advocacy for crafting a loving and sharing and thinking society that will respect each other and collectively contribute their creative thinking to take local action to the 21st century.

Sustainable Development and Health: Awareness on how our national development sectors’ work affect the health of the nation – positively or negatively; what can be done to align the work of the sectors to be more health promoting, and what programs maybe developed to enable people working for various sectors become the health advocates they need to be.